Week 13 Masterkey Experience- Dream a little bigger Darling

A thoughtful blog by my tribe member Steph. Originally posted by celtphasemasterkey

How often are well held back by our inner guard when we dare to dream? Our minds start to travel down a wild and wonderful path of new ideas and adventures and you come up with an idea that makes you SO EXCITED and you desperately want to do something about it. Then WHAM! The blocks start appearing.

‘It’s a nice idea but you can’t do this because you don’t have the money’.

‘You could do it but everyone will laugh at you’.

‘You don’t have the time!’.

‘Really? You think YOU could do that?!’.

Before you know it, you have mentally packed up your dreams and hidden them away in the deep realms of fantasy land. The dream suddenly becomes a prisoner, only allowed out a few times a day for play when and where the guard deems it safe, then rushed back inside at the first sign of risk.

Now, you can’t blame the guard. It has been programmed to keep us safe through generations of our forefathers tendency to go wandering off and accidentally stumble into the jaws of a T-Rex. You only have to look at the Darwin awards to see just how unaware of mortality some humans can be.

After several centuries of this, the guard decided that the mind could not be trusted to make decisions so barged in and took up permanent residency at the door of dreams. Nothing gets in or out without the guards say so.

The mind, being open to new ideas and pleased to have someone minimalise the T-Rex issue, happily let the guard in with no second thought.

As with many protective forces, the guard was very opinionated. The more the mind listened to the guard without questioning, the louder and more dominant the guard became. The mind’s river of ideas and dreams started to become more of a stream, and obediently stayed behind the door of dreams.

Now, forgive the storytelling element but I’m sure you can see what I mean here. Some people do not have a problem with their inner guards and still manage to do but what they choose regardless of what the guard mutters. However if you’re like me, you have had experience of your inner guard stopping you from pursuing your dreams and ideas. There is a way around this.

Examine your inner guard. Find out where it came from. It could be anything from bullying, fear of inadequacy or an off hand comment someone made once that stayed with you. As you will come to see, the guard is your own form of fear. Whatever it’s root you must remember that it came from something or someone who is not experiencing your life first hand.

The only person who has that privilege of your life first hand is you.

When the mind starts to question and examine the guard with curiosity and love the guard starts to soften and loose its power over us. Don’t get me wrong, it is unlikely that the guard will ever be completely silent, but it is then that the guard can actually become a useful tool to the mind.

By having the courage to stand up and say ‘yes I can do it’ when your guard questions you, you empower yourself.

You realise that those blocks weren’t blocks at all but stepping stones. Stepping stones to confidence and faith in yourself.
And as you move from each stepping stone to the next you realise that these helped you become your greater self and give you the tools you need to indeed dream a little bigger, Darling ;)

Happy Christmas! Till next time…

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Week 12 – Between Worlds

An interesting blog by one of my tribe members Brony. Originally posted by Master Key Experience

Between Worlds

I visit both on a regular basis which is really nice, considering I used to live in one more permanently than the other.  The old me world and the new me world.  I am becoming the person I want to be through awareness and the Master Key.  Even though my commitment to the exercises wanes at times as my work days and family life at this time of year brings a lot of unexpected circumstances, at the end of the day I’m being more gentle on myself as I am committed to the Yellow brick road now.  I’ve come so far on it that it is further to walk back than continue ahead.  So I am continuing ahead.  I’m so grateful for the new connections to be had with my blog buddies and in reality with the new experiences that are occurring due to being a new person(at times).

Week 12 has brought about a lot of looking in the mirror and ended in a few tears. I have to admit to my embarrassment in letting other people know what I really want.  The residue of being laughed at and mocked as a child from my siblings still effects me and even leaving my coloured shapes up with my DMP on the wall whilst my inlaws are here got my attention. But it just so happened to bypass my embarrassment due to having too much to do before they arrived and the niggling embarrassment was overridden by “busy me”.  

Oh s**t! I forgot to take down all my posters!… O’well… whatever.. I am definitely feeling stronger and not caring for others options(approval) to mould..ooops! I meant to say mold my reality.

So yer… all in all it’s about chipping away and being the person I want to be.  At this very busy and festive time with family and the buttons they push, I have found the saviour to be a preprepared awareness routine.  

Ie.. go sit by the river and read OG between leaving work and going home.  Debrief-Prepare-And realise it’s only for 3 weeks(in our little unit)

I love and totally appreciate the MKMMA

Even though it is very challenging in many ways

I believe it to be the best thing EVER!

for those on the path of self realisation 

and self responsibility

Put your ego aside

Trust and Believe

the Mysterious Source Which Never Sleeps

the crazy exercises that challenge your old blueprint



Between Worlds 1 round  double copy.jpg

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Week 11 – Appreciating Og

This is a blog by one of my tribe members Daryl. Originally posted by MasterKey Experience


As I’m reading The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino, I think I’m catching the ball that he is throwing to us. So far he is saying that good habits, love and persistence are three of the keys for success in any endeavor. Obviously, more keys are coming as we read on. Sometimes we may feel that success is some complicated, esoteric exercise but it is really the simple, basic things that is all we need.

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Week 10 – A Poem


As I chip away from day to day

Never really seeing any results

I feel defeated, “my old blueprint has won!”

Creating its’ own little cult

Old blueprint of mine

Keeps me trapped in my mind

With scenarios from a past long gone by

Or that person who looked at me 3 weeks ago funny

Was it my right eye that was red with a sty?

The cement cube with no windows

No longer exists

It’s transformed!

Glass walls, floor and ceiling

But I’m still trapped inside

Sitting centre Still stuck

Enveloped in this frustrated feeling

Old blueprint of mine

“Why do you hold on so tightly?”

Can’t you see that you’re suffocating me!

‘I want freedom from your shackles!’

Please Please Let me go

Let me go Let me go

Let me be Free!

You’ve been my best friend 

Keeping me safe from harms way

But it’s time to take a well earned break

Time to rest my old blueprint 

And let go of the reigns 

And give them to me to take

I’m capable now

 All grown up and strong

I am the boss of my own corporation

I dream big

And create and imagine and pray 

For a world of peace domination 

The world at my finger tips 

And assistance from above

All I need do is ask

Let go and Let love

The past is the past

The future not here

All we have is the now

We need only be clear

My heart says ‘Dream Big’

My past says ‘Not yet’

When is it my time

To reap my success?

Farewell my old blueprint

You’ve done your job well

It’s time to retire

And ring the last bell

With reigns in my grip

And clarity of thought

I move forward and trust

That my new life has been bought

On my way to collect

This most precious of gifts

All I need do now

Is open Trust and Believeth




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Week 9: “I am really only eleven months old!”

An interesting insight by one of my tribe members, Dominique. Originally posted by

Usually people think “that man is completely build over every seven years, but some scientists now declare that we build ourselves over entirely every eleven months; so we are really only eleven months old.” (Haennel 9/26)

This reminds me French biologist Jacques Prunier, whose researches about stem cells are amazing. We all know, or not, that everyday our body  is repairing  all of our organs, bones…from our own bones’ marrow. Jacques Prunier’s studies started from a stay in Oregon State, and precisely in Lake Klamath, where grows  Aphanizomenon flow-aquae alga and this alga you can find it only in Lake Klamath! This alga is the richest of all the world around with 115 micro-nutriments! And people observed that those who ate it were in good health and that those who were not recovered very quickly. So Jacques Prunier and his team’s work was about looking for if there is in the Aphanizomenon flow-aquas alga a molecule stimulating the stem cell process. We must know that everyday our body is producing stem cells from our bones’ marrow. Normally, every day, our body produces 3 millions stem cells (“mental workers” as Haanelb says 7/15) to repair our whole body. And with this molecule which is activating the process, we can produce 5.4 millions stem cells. So it is a huge acceleration in our body repair process!

I dare to compare this to Haanel sentences, for instance, when he writes: “If you wish to change conditions, you must change yourself.” On one hand, the infinite power of my body does the work, even to repair myelf. On the other hand, and that is the power of this MasterMind, only my thoughts, with a strict mental diet, help me to lead to my New Reality…

If I read again this blog’s title, I could now say: “I am really only one day old!”

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Week 8 Master Key Experience- ‘If we dream something, if we picture something, we can make it a reality.’

A great blog post by one of my tribe members, Steph.

Originally posted by

So after this weeks webinar I had a huge realisation.

I hadn’t been making enough effort with my commitments to the master key. 

Ever since I came back from Italy I hadn’t been engaging properly and I don’t think I really wanted to admit it to myself. I was doing it but not feeling it properly. Just rushing through. No wonder I had found the last few weeks a struggle!

I made a commitment then that I would follow it to a T as best as I possibly could. I have felt such a wonderful difference this week! I looked over my DMP and realised I had picked a wrong PPN for me. I was a little nervous to change it but as soon as I had it just clicked that much more for me!

I don’t know how but a familiar phrase has been coming to me all this week from all angles.

‘If you dream it, you can do it.’

During school, in reading, in conversation with friends and colleagues.

I heard it again today after hearing the sad news of the passing of Jonah Lomu’s passing. It was a quote from the man himself:

If we can dream something, if we can picture something, we can make it a reality.’


What a man. Rest in peace.

I think the universe is trying to tell me something, don’t you?

Till next time…

Steph x

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Week 7 A diet With A Difference

Originally Posted by

A mental diet? mental? already alarming! A diet? do I need one? seriously, no opinion, a mental diet…would there be anything left that will make people want to communicate with me at all? That’s what went through my mind on Sunday. However, knowing myself too well, I immediately recognized the pattern of “Oh no, I’m not doing that, too difficult, completely unnecessary, who needs it etc., and a little while later having set the wirings in the right place – oh well, doable I guess, starting right now. And a good thing too. Because, believe it or not, it out to be pretty easy. Yes, easy. A mental diet is easy because, as I discovered, I’ve been doing it anyway!

I really don’t know why, can’t explain, but it didn’t go unnoticed that through the past few weeks a new energy has taken over me and it’s making me so glad that people suspect I’ve gone somewhat mad (sure sound like one now, I know). I have become a more positive-oriented person (and I haven’t been taking anything, I swear). Me, positive. I kid you not. Me, who’s motto was “it’s best to be a pessimist for you’re in for good surprises”. although and digressing a bit, you’ve got to admit that this phrase alone already concretizes a potential. Anyhow, It’s there. All this mental diet is doing for me so far, is increasing my awareness to what is happening anyway. And besides, you are permitted  7 whole seconds to get a grip if you trip, which I’ve also found myself using successfully. It’s mighty useful when it comes to 5 year olds going on 15 and to terrible twos. Works awesome.

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Week 6 Something in Sinking In

Originally Posted by

I’m now finding things are sinking in and I’m getting it all.  The pressure valve has been released a little and I’m starting to enjoy the process.  Still loads to do but now it’s making sense.  A bit like all the information and books and courses and videos I’ve watched and read over the years PLUS more! are all coming together in perfect harmony.  But there is a lot of work to be done.  Persistence and practice, practice, practice!!!! Practice my new thoughts and way of thinking.  I’m seeing my old patterns and way of reacting and talking to people clearer and clearer… I’m feeling a bit like the observer at times…and I’m finding there are a few sentences in the book that I keep in my mind when in situations which help me be the person I want to be… “When I am tempted to criticise I will bite on my tongue”.  That’s a good one for me because sometimes criticism with my husband and with myself just flows off my tongue unconsciously… now though I’m a bit more aware so I find that line of the book helping me greatly.  I’m finding that when I visualise my DMP certain areas are quite clear, yet some are very fuzzy.  The clarity feels great.  So far so good.  Still pondering and my DMP changes.  What I thought I wanted isn’t sitting clearly.  I suppose for now its about making a decision and going from there.  The wavering isn’t helping.  This next week of symbols and colours and the barrage of A4 sheets in view will I’m sure assist me in creating a clearer picture.  I do feel the changes but they are very very subtle where I’m thinking that nothing is happening yet I know that it is on some deep level.  Time to focus on the movie trailer, movie poster of my life!


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Master Key Guide Experience Week 4

Being in a new role as a Master Key Guide, and after what has seemed to be a very busy few weeks, things appear to be settling down. With DMP’s initially coming in fast and furious, at one point it felt like waiting for a bus, none come, and then they all come at once :) I will be completely honest, and say that at a few points it has felt challenging, but in a good way.

My tribe come from all around the world, as near as the UK where I live, to as far away as Australia. They are an amazing group of people. It’s incredible that with the power of communication, we are able to connect with people all over the world so easily.

In this short time, it’s been fantastic watching my tribe’s journey gradually unfolding through their DMP’s (Definite Major Purposes). Asking someone to write down what they want their ideal life to look like is a big ask. Most people spend more time planning their 2 week vacation, than they do planning their lives. With each revision, you can almost feel their confidence growing, as they begin to believe that it really is ok to have the life that they truly want. We have been so conditioned, and built up so much cement, that we have forgotten how to imagine and express ourselves. Each one of my tribe has a truly inspiring vision, and it‘s wonderful to be a part of helping them along the way.

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3 Reasons to Find Out About the Master Key Experience



The Clock is ticking. The countdown to the launch of the 2015 Master Key Experience course starts on 10th September 2015. The course is expected to fill up quickly, so drop your details into the box below to find out how to get a scholarship for this life changing course.


The Master Key Experience is coming soon!

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#1. The Master Key Experience Will Give You the Tools You Need

Most people want to make a different outcome to their lives, but don’t know how. Particularly during my business career, I have listened to more ‘pitchfests’ and motivational ‘guru’s’, than I care to remember. They stand up on stage, trying to get everyone ‘pumped’ up, and telling everyone what they should be doing, and then ‘upselling‘ their material, so that YOU can get the ‘low down’. Rarely if ever, do they actually tell you how or what to do. I remember one conference that I attended, the ‘secret’, after sitting there for 2+ hours, was to ‘do whatever it takes’. WHAT does that mean? I could have stood up on stage and said that in about a minute. After going through the Master Key Experience, you’ll understand why all of that sounds good, but doesn’t necessarily work.BlahBlahThe Master Key Experience is completely different, and I know that sounds like a cliché. I originally discovered the Master Key Experience, through doing the sister course Go90Grow. What blew me away was the content, not just the content, but the way it was broken down into small chunks, and explained ‘EXACTLY’ what to do. Hurrah! For the first time, I had actually found something that really explained things, and the Master Key Experience is no different. It is put together beautifully.aha

#2. Someone to Help You Along the Way

The course lasts for an intensive 26 weeks, and some people might consider that to be a long time, but change doesn’t happen overnight. When you begin The Master Key Experience, you will be assigned a ‘guide’. This person will be there for you, to help you through the rollercoaster moments, and times of uncertainty. Sometimes that new ‘you’ needs a little bit of help along the way. Your ‘guide’ will also be someone who has gone through the experience themselves, so will be familiar with the process.help_01help_02

#3. You Are Part Of A Bigger Community

Mark J always says that ‘nobody makes it without a mastermind’. When you begin the Master Key Experience, you become part of a wider global community. We mastermind, support, encourage, and grow together, and I can completely agree with that statement!

many_headsMany of you have asked me to keep you informed on the next MKMMA experience so here are some great reasons to stay informed. Check out this short video for more information.

Get yourself on the early bird list for this life changing course. Just pop your details in the box below.

The Master Key Experience is coming soon!

For early bird notification of this life changing course, leave your details below.

Receive the ‘7 Day Mental Diet’ as a FREE gift

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